Translation [French>English]

The aim of a translation in the field of marketing or communication is usually to reflect the meaning of the source text and to produce a similar effect on the target readers.

The translator therefore needs to fully understand the nuances of the source text (French) and be familiar with the target readership and the conditions in which the target document (English) will be read. The style, the register and the tone of the translation should be appropriate.

As an English native and a French national I can understand and empathise with both the French author and the English reader. As a result, my translations are natural and convincing.

In effective communication, every word counts. I will go out of my way to find the right word, by trawling the internet or calling on my network of contacts for help in their specialised fields.

I work with the CAT tool Wordfast and use it to manage glossaries which I submit to my clients for approval. This guarantees coherent terminology throughout all your company documents.


Editing involves comparing source (French) and target (English) texts in order to:

  • check that the meaning has been correctly conveyed,
  • make sure the target text flows naturally,
  • check grammar and spelling.

Editing is an integral part of the translation process. I also offer this service for translations which have been produced by others.


This service involves proofreading an English text to check style, grammar and spelling.

Depending on client requirements, my translation service can include proofreading by a colleague.

I offer this service for translations which have been produced by others.

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